Monday, April 19, 2010

Birthday Card for Max

This card is for my precious grandson, Max, who will be 5 on May 2nd. Max is autistic and just the sweetest little boy you'd ever want to know. He's smart as a whip but a bit behind in his language skills. He has really come out of his shell over the last 6 months and we are so happy to see him starting to interact with the other children at school. He seems to have a very special connection with one of the little girls in his class who has downs syndrome.

Back to the card...I always have fun with Max's card each year. I get to use stickers of his beloved Sesame Street characters. I love kids cards with primary colors and these stickers were just made for a card like that. I dug through my papers and found this fun piece that worked out perfect. I just had to figure out a layout so I could use all the characters, then I added the stamped and punched "5" circles and the "Happy Birthday" greeting. At first I wondered if it was a bit too busy, but the more I looked at it the better I liked it. I know that he will take time to examine it very carefully and it will bring a big smile to his face. I had fun with the inside too.

One more card done...two more to go.


  1. Oh fabulous card, beautiful colours and love those cute sesame street images.

  2. Oh my golly! This is so cute. I love everything about it. It's sure to make the little guy light up.

  3. Oh wow!
    Max will totally love his card Emily!
    So much fabulous colour and those characters are gorgeous!
    kim x

  4. So sweet! Love the colors and stickers. Perfect for a child's birthday and I'm sure your grandson will treasure this card. :)